Sauna Party!

Ok, I am going to write a ton more about today, but I am really struggling to figure out the wifi unit in my house! Currently at McDonalds with my laptop, wifi unit, lots of wires, and lots of strange looks from the locals. To just give you a tiny taste of the sauna experience: it involves a bush of leaves, heating these leaves up over the hot rocks, and beating each other’s backs with the bush. Apparently it is good for muscle circulation, so this will be a little different than ice baths and stim! More funniness to come and one involves me confusing an island in Greece for a national holiday celebrating zucchini tossing (I am adjusting to the accents a little bit slower than expected haha)


One thought on “Sauna Party!

  1. Roberta Klvac says:

    Boy do I miss you. But the blog is really a great way to keep up with you. A friend of mine’s son iin law and grand son are in Helsinki. Small world, huh?


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