Community Showers are my Happy Place

Today marks a very important day in Hämeenlinna, Finland because it was the first day that there was a dance off in the shower. Now, I love the new arena. It is clean, huge, but my favourite part right now is the sauna and the showers. I come home later and later each day because I spend more and more time in the locker room, hanging out in the shower.

When I was a freshman in college, I had never, ever been in a community shower before. I heard about them and instead of being nervous to mess up at volleyball in my first practice, I was more nervous to strip down in front of a bunch of girls who I was not yet comfortable around. I remember, after practice I would take my time, visit the trainer and postpone the shower as long as possible because I was not ready yet for this coming of age. However, that shower in Cliff Keen was one of the most fun places on campus for me during my four years. My teammates at Michigan can get down. Yes, in the shower, but also in the locker room. It was the first place where pulling my jersey up over my face and flailing myself to “Wild For The Night” was accepted and encouraged. It was a place where Courtney Fletcher (almost Wilkinson wow) came up with a signal that could alert any volleyball player in Rick’s that it was time to bust that dance move from the locker room that no one on earth has seen before. Most importantly, I learned a very valuable lesson that every one has something that they want to change about their body, but everyone has their weird thing, so embrace it and dance in that shower.

Today was a rough day at practice, yes. There was a lot of yelling, a lot of swearing, a lot of mistakes, BUT, there are always speakers and there is always a shower. And this is my happy place. This is not weird. If you haven’t experienced a community shower before, maybe you should. It is a freeing experience that can make you feel more comfortable in your own skin!

On the real, we have started our season and are 2-0. I am enjoying volleyball very much (most days), and this makes me very happy because I wasn’t in the best of places self-confidence-wise in terms of volleyball a couple months ago. I still have problems with self-confidence, yes, but I want to share a funny and interesting piece of advice my coach shared with me the other day. He told me to imagine myself as an eagle and every morning I look in the mirror. He says that every morning I look in the mirror and see a chicken, not an eagle. So, look in the mirror and see the damn eagle.

Highlights from the week:

My coach honestly makes me laugh so much. When I say this you may picture a guy who is funny and never yells at us, but that is very wrong. I don’t know why, but when he yells at me all I can hear is “macaroni” “mova your feeta” “usa your leks” “Lexi OOOOHHHHHH!” and he also told me his three year old daughter can serve harder than I can, so it’s not always warm and fuzzy humour.

My teammate made an apple pie and knew I am addicted to apples, so we had a little hangout with candy, beer, and pie, with a few of us just laughing about funny things that happened during the week.

My roommate and I were so hungry Monday night (always the night before weigh ins…), so we bought a pint of cookie dough ice cream, but there was not enough cookie dough for us in the ice cream. My roommate proceeded to make cookie dough and add it to the ice cream.

Face timing with my mom and my sister during their lunch period. Hannah is one of the funniest people I know and I am not just saying that. BUT, she is also sometimes one of the biggest pains in my ass I know. The pain in my ass times are much more limited than the funny times though 🙂

I must now go improve my health with my daily glass of red wine! Moi!



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