Celebrity Shot

Hello friends, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Taylor, and I am one of Lexi’s two younger sisters. I am currently a junior at Emory University, which funny story, someone giving a presentation yesterday mentioned as being a “Top 20 University”. Truth be known we’ve dropped to 21…a fact that many of us (including myself) are extremely bitter about. We’re curing Ebola for crying out loud; I think that deserves a ranking too young to order its own drinks.

Anyways, this week we decided to switch blogs. I am actually the author of another blog, focused on dealing with the struggles of being a Christian in college. It’s called Faith and Risk. But this week I’m attempting to channel my inner Mindy Kaling and make people laugh, which has always been Lexi’s job. I have been given the huge honor of being able to say “Yeah you know those professional athletes? Well I’m related to one.” But I think the best way to describe my feelings toward my sister being a whole world away is to explain it in the stages I’ve experienced so far.

Stage #1: There was the day when she accepted. I still remember it like a fresh #tbt on Instagram. Hannah (our youngest sister), Lexi and I had decided to go play bingo for a night. You don’t think bingo is for young people? Imagine a room full of 500 people with an average age of 25, bringing in boxes of pizza, bottles of cheap liquor, and a heart full of the hope of winning a blackout bingo board worth $400. It’s a serious business. Lexi opened an email containing her contract, and I videotaped her responding “yes”. Seconds later, I won the blackout bingo board. Good night? The best.

Stage #2: The packing up day. As my title of the “stylish” Erwin implies, I have historically been the closet that gets the most stolen out of it. But this was MY day to steal. All of the clothes too cold to take to Santa’s Village? Mine. The non-essentials? Mine. A sweet pair of rain boots? Checkmate. I currently am wearing a super oversized sweater that was Lexi’s, so thanks sis. Owe that one to you and your closet. We laughed all day as we looked up how to say words like “beer” and “bar” on the Finnish translator app and also when we had to unpack EVERY suitcase to try to find some sleeping pills my mom had packed in there for the plane…not sure if we ever located them.

Stage #3: My current stage. Luckily thanks to technology, I am still very connected with my sister, whether it’s iMessage or FaceTime or her sending me her classic snapchats, you know the ones of a close up of her face. (Oh yeah. The best part of waking up isn’t Folgers in your cup; it’s Lexi’s snaps on your phone) I am doing my best to be the supportive little sister I should be, because holy crap who gets to say they played PROFESH volleyball in Europe every day? But what we both didn’t realize was what exactly this separation would be like for both she and her family. For us, it’s kind of like she went back to UMich, but there is no Rick’s in Finland (to my knowledge). She is literally braving the storm for the next five months, and we all miss her more than anything. For me I would say I miss her more than Netflix, because that’s when you know it’s real. So Lex, I love and miss you and am so proud of you. Näkemiin ladies and gents.

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