Did You Say Zucchini Toss?

The first weekend in Finland was anything but uneventful. I am a sucker for the quote section in Pinterest (super soft confession), but one of my favourites is the quote that goes something like: “you should do something for the first time every single day.” I have rollover first-time-somethings for the next couple months. I’ll try my best to give you the best, most efficient recap that I can!

First, on Friday I moved into my apartment. Ville took me to the apartment, I dropped my things off, then went to lunch with my coaches, team manager (Marina from the airport), and another practice player who is also named Ville.. (I definitely could have heard that wrong, as I have heard many wrong things these past couple days). This lunch was one of the most overwhelming things I have experienced as my coaches speak Italian, Ville and Ville (I’m sorry that’s super funny to me) speak Finnish, and Marina speaks Croatian, so there are a ton of conversations going on around me that I cannot understand at all.

After meeting the team, I realized that many of them speak a minimum of 3 languages (Finnish, Belarusian, and English are pretty common), so I told some people I speak Spanish (which I kind of do, but am not fluent in any regard) to fit in. So far, they buy it. But, the team was very nice when I met them and I felt super welcome. Before the sauna party, there were a ton of speeches (all in Finnish) and they all helped translate for me, which was super clutch.

I am going to go on a tiny tangent, because this is just one of the many little stories that are hilarious to me. So, first, this man is taking all these pictures of me, but seriously, he is maybe 6 inches from my face. He just kind of walked right up and held the camera up and asked me all of these questions in Finnish, I think for an interview, so if he posts it to Facebook, it may just be me smiling and looking really confused (the translators weren’t there for this). Then, this other man starts telling me this time next week he is going to be gone, and I ask him where he is going and he says what sounds like a zucchini toss. I thought of Spain and that holiday where they throw the tomatoes, so I am very interested, asking if they throw zucchinis at each other! (In my head I am thinking that this would hurt, but it may be a thing in Europe) It took me 5 minutes to figure out this man is going to Zakynthos in Greece. First impressions are my specialty, people.

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